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Page: 1. Business Department
Page: 1. ELL Department
Page: 1. English Department
@self Summer Reading Assignments http://Summer Reading Assignment
Page: 1. Fine Arts + Tech Arts + FACS Departments
Page: 1. Health and Phys Ed Department
Page: 1. Mathematics Department
Page: 1. Science Department
Page: 1. Social Studies Department
Page: 1. Special Education Department
Page: 1. World Languages Department


Page: Aiken, Carol
Week of 5/15: 5/16 - NO SCHOOL 5/17 - Lit Circle #1 - ALL Nature Project work due 5/19 - Lit Circle #2 Week of 5/22: 5/22 - Lit Circle #3 5/24 - Lit Circle #4 5/26 - Lit Circle #5 Week of 5/29: 5/29 - NO SCHOOL 5/30 - Yearbook Dedication 5/31 - Senior Str
Page: Anastas, Michael
Academic Earth and Space Home page click on the chapter title to link to the assignments Survey Earth and Space Home page click on th
Page: Andrus, Nancy
French I Make up quizzes and tests will be taken in the testing center. You have until the end of the week to go on your time (study hall or lunch) to make up that work. 9/22-10/13 Vocab 2 classroom commands accents Ask how things are spelled Vocab 2 q
Page: Anthony, Robert
HONORS CHEMISTRY Week of 10/10/17 Monday- NO SCHOOL Tuesday- Clas work p. 79 #65,71-74 Wednesday- PSAT's Thursday - Drill work p.79 #68, 77, 78 Friday- Review LOOKING AHEAD: Exam on Ch. 2: Monday October 16 ACADEMIC CHEMISTRY Week of 10/10/17 Monday-
Page: August, Chanel
Please visit wiki space for details Please visit wiki space for details Please visit wiki space for details
Page: AWL Ancient Greece
Ancient Greek Literature Background Notes Oedipus Packet Oedipus Text
Page: AWL Ancient Worlds
The Epic of Gilgamesh Packet Ancient Worlds Background Notes Interrogating Texts
Page: AWL Independent Reading
Marking Period 1 Universal Character Essay Marking Period 1 Universal Character Essay Notes
Page: AWL Introductory Information
Course Syllabus Notes Course Syllabus (Fill-in-the-Blank)
Page: AWL Summer Reading
Summer Reading Essay Prompt Summer Reading Essay Note Sheet Summer Reading Essay Notes
Page: AWL Vocabulary
Grammar Rules: Vocabulary


Page: Barber, Colleen
All attachments can be found on my Course Wiki page. Ms. Barber's Wiki Home Week of: 10/16-10/20 Monday: section 5-1 (checking accounts) work together and on your own Tuesday: Application 5-1 - turn in for a grade Wednesday: Section 5-2 Thursday: Applicat
Page: Bell, Victoria
Click the Schoology logo below to login and view our classes! schoology.png
Page: Bewley, Jess
Go to my wiki - Click Here Go to my wiki - Click Here Click Here
Page: Brientnall, Tom
APUSH Google Calendar History Bowl 01-History_Bowl_APUSH_Unit_1_(pre-2007).ppt 02-History_Bowl_APUSH__Units_2_&_3_(pre
Page: Brown, Korri Modified American Government Period 4 This course focuses on the United States Government, the ways it is organized and the way it is controlled b
Page: Burke, Amy
P Responsibility Respect Integrity Dedication Excellence Resource Room: Scheduled Learning Activities Monday Focus - Wiki Plan Tuesday Focus - Study Skills Wednesday Focus - Reading Probes Thursday Focus -


Page: Carpenter, Leigh
Welcome to Ms. Carpenter's Assignment Wiki Page! Find your class below and click on the link to see assignments and upcoming assessments Algebra II Click here for Algebra II Key: 2.5 and 2.6 Review Key.pdf Inform
Page: Carroll, Mary
<iframe width="800" height="500" frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" src=""></iframe>
Page: Catto, Colleen
Biology Online Resources & Textbook 2013-14 Week of 10/16-10/20 Assignments: Monday-Finish test corrections Tuesday-No HW Wednesday-Make sure project is finished Thursday-Work on POGIL Friday-Finish POGIL due Monday Topics: Monday-Test corrections and p
Page: Ceci, Rachel
Pastry Arts All course material, assignments and recipes can be found on Google Classroom. Steps for joining Google Classroom Go to, login using your District account, Click the (+) plus sign in the up
Page: Chambers, Alexis
Periods: 1, 2, 3, 4 Resource Room Agenda & Expectations Fill out your Daily Planning Sheet at the beginning of class Have your agenda book on your desk and open to the current day/week - you will automatically lose 6 points if it is not completed Wo
Page: Chu, Toby
Page: Ciasullo, Mia
Follow us on Instagram kcsd_french ! Students: For questions or concerns, please email (me). My website: Mlle C. prof de français Make up assessments will be
Page: Civiletti, Vincent
Click here to visit Mr. Civetti's Website Read2.jpg Class at Kennett.jpg S P Q R Why Latin.jpg
Page: Cordova, Jason
ESL Reading Week of Aug 28- Review course expectations, syllabus, and routine. Set goals.Students will also create a personalized goal sheet with their short/long terms goals and plan. Students will also begin to learn how literature connects to real lif


Page: Daugherty, Lisa
Advanced Health Week Sept 5th - Importance of Sleep, Sleep letter due first class period next week. Week of Sept 11th - Weight Management power point, Analyze body types Week of Sept 18th - Power point on Metabolism and group work on metabolic scenerios.
Page: Davidson, Jodi
Basic Ceramics- Level 1 Marking period 1 8/29-9/8::Japanese Bowl and Yunomi 9/8:Group Critique and Paperwork 9/11-9/20 Coil Project 9/22 Glaze demo 9/22, 9/25 Glazing Tea Bowls and Yunomi 9/2-10/6: Slab Project : Sketch out, construct, and fill paper work
Page: Donovan, Sara
1st and 2nd period 4th and 5th period 6th period 8th period
Page: Duffy, Shawn
Week of 10/16: M-W: Unemployment Packet Th: Test Review F: Test Unit #2 To see most up to date and accurate listing of assignments please see the gradebook. Any questions: Week of 10/16: M: Content Outline Part B T: Part C W: P
Page: Dunkle, Bradley
download.png Click to visit our Google Classroom download.png Click to visit our Google Classroom download.png https://classroom.go


Page: Ely, Elizabeth
Mrs. Ely's Wiki Page FIRST MARKING PERIOD: Week 1: August 28 - September 1 All Summer Reading Homework Questions will be collected on Monday 8/28. Late assignments w
Page: Enriquez, Maria
Welcome back!!! Spanish for Spanish Speakers class School Year 2017-2018 Week of October 16, 2017 M T W TH F Imperfect uses packet Preterite uses packet "Once" reading Game on Preterite/ imperfect tense Noun agreement sg/pl fm/ms INTRO Imperfect / Pr
Page: ESP II
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Page: Folmar, Daniel
AP Physics C Assignments (MP 1) CHAPTER 1 Read Intro - 1.4; Q: 1 - 10 Reflection on Marshmallow Lab Read 1.5 - 1.7; Q: 11 - 15 Complete conversion problems Estimate: Blades of grass on turf field & Number of desks in KHS Ch 1 P: 1, 2, 3, 8, 15, 17, 18 (du
Page: French I
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Page: Fritsch, William
FBLA Paid Members.pdf Review I - Investing in Bonds.docx Fundamentals to Investing Syllabus - Fundamentals to Investing Pre-Test 8-29-17 Basics of Investing Notes - Basics of Inve


Page: Gee, Scott
12th Pop Lit Catching Fire chapter 15 for Tuesday 9/26 Final Draft of College Essay due Wednesday 9/27 Wednesday 9/27: -Chapter 16 CF reading for Thursday, 9/28, Group Quiz -20 Notecards for Vocab Unit 3 for Friday, 9/29 -Group character worksheets finish
Page: Gentekos, Thomasina
<iframe src="" height="1000px" width="1000px"></iframe>
Page: Guarneri, Kimberley
Link to my Wikipage for Math Analysis Link to my Wikipage for Financial Literacy


Page: Hancock, Chris
<iframe width="800" height="500" frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" src="//"></iframe> Replace This Text Replace This Text
Page: Hartford, Adrienne
Español 1 Make up quizzes and tests must be taken in the testing center. Upon your return, you have three days to go on your time (study hall or lunch) to make up the assessment(s), or you will receive a zero. → Señora Hartford's quizlet link: https://qui
Page: Henry, Thomas
All Students, please visit your Google Classroom for Assignments and Class Resources. Google-Classroom-Logo1.png Parents, if you'd like to receive email notifications or a daily or weekly basis in
Page: Hironimus, Thomas
Page: Housh, Cybil
American Studies Week of 10/16: Important Due Dates: Chapter 10 Reading guide due, Tuesday 10/24. Begin discussion of Chapter 10 material. Focus on US motives for imperialism and the Spanish American War. Week of 10/9: Important Due Dates: Chapter
Page: Hudecheck, Karen
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Page: Hughes, Peggy
Honors Chemistry Week of August 28, 2017 Welcome Back to School ! Burning Candle Observations (8/29) Foaming Eggs Observations (8/30) Copper (II) Chloride Lab (9/1) Signed Parent Packet due Friday Sept 1, 2017 Element Quiz (#1-15) Frid
Page: Hutcheson, Joe
Click on Mr. Hutcheson's Wiki for daily class announcements, major topics, assignments, and access to online resources! (you need to login to Connect for the above wiki link to work!) We
Page: HWL
Notesheet Ancient Worlds Background Notes The Epic of Gilgamesh Text Packet Characterization Notes Characterization Worksheet Joseph Campbell Jigsaw Genesis Text Campbell's The Hero's Journey Defined Text The Epic of Gilgamesh Chapters 1 and 2 Literary
Page: HWL Independent Reading
Marking Period 1 Universal Character Essay Marking Period 1 Universal Character Essay Notes
Page: HWL Introductory Information
Course Syllabus Notes Course Syllabus (Fill-in-the-Blank)
Page: HWL Summer Reading
Summer Reading Essay Prompt Summer Reading Essay Note Sheet Summer Reading Essay Notes
Page: HWL Things Fall Apart
The Second Coming Worksheet The Second Coming Notes Period 2 The Second Coming Notes Period 9 McCann Article Character Chart TFA Reading Schedule 2017-2018 Things Fall Apart Study Guide TFA Background Notesheet Things Fall Apart Background Notes
Page: HWL Vocabulary
Grammar Rules: Vocabulary


Page: Indiveri, Theresa
Click here for Calculus Planbook Click here for Algebra II Planbook Click here for Informal Algebra II Planbook



Page: Kelly, Michael
Informal Algebra I Periods 7 and 9 Keystone Remediation Algebra I Periods 4
Page: Kennett Pride Wiki
<iframe src="" width="760" height="500" frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0">Loading...</iframe>
Home page: KHS Assignment Wiki
.smalltext { display: none; }
Page: Kochmansky, Lisa
Health 9th Grade: ***NOTE: This page is cleared at the end of each Marking Period*** Week of 10/16 - 10/20: Group exercise presentations (Muscular System Formative Assessment) Continue group presentations, Study Guide Quiz 2 QUIZ 2: Muscular Syst
Page: Konitzer, Kevin
Page: Kotz, Duane
INHALTSZIELE- Schueler werden Indirekte Objekte identifizieren und die richtigen Artikeln Nominative und Akkusative und Dative benutzen. SPRACHEZIELE - Schueler werden an sprachlichen und schriftlichen Aktivitaeten teilnehmen, in denen sie Artikeln in d
Page: Kotz, Wendy
Week of August 28th Review rules, expectations and procedures Work with school vocabulary (places in school, people in school, subjects and objects) Students will do a series of listening comprehension activities using school vocabulary. Students will pra


Page: Lamoreux, Cheryl
Objective: Students will understand: How English evolved from the OE to ME period The characteristics of Medieval literature How an epic hero and chivalric hero differ the English ballad the structure and types of tales in The canterbury Tales new vocabul
Page: Larson, Susan
<iframe width="1000" height="800" frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" src="//"></iframe> Welcome to my wiki page! This school year, 2016-2017, course materials, assignments and recipes can be found in Go
Page: Lentz, Kevin
Welcome to my homework wiki. Please find your specific class to locate the daily activities and assignments. American Literature Period 1: Advanced American Literature Periods 2, 7, and
Page: Lentz: Advanced American Literature Periods 2, 7, and 9
This Week's Activities Looking Ahead Upcoming Material The Crucible reading with analysis Vocabulary review Literary terms practice quizzes Act 1 quiz on Wednesday Next vocabulary quizzes: 10/20/17, 11/3/17 Independent reading packets are due by the end o
Page: Lentz: American Literature Period 1
This Week Looking Ahead: Upcoming Material: Last of the Mohicans analysis Independent reading projects/packets Vocabulary review Literary terms review Next vocabulary quizzes: 10/28, 11/11 Independent reading novels should be brought to class on Fridays I
Page: Lentz: Honors American Literature Periods 3, 4
This Week's Activities Looking Ahead Upcoming Material The Crucible with analysis Vocabulary study Literary terms practice quizzes Next vocabulary quizzes will be 10/20/17, 11/3/17 Socratic seminar for independent reading will be 10/26/17 The Crucible b
Page: Lewis, Julia
Google Classroom Week of October 16-20 Palace of Versailles Webquest due Tuesday, October 17. Maria Theresa and Frederick the Great Reading Chart due Wednesday, October 18. Peter the Great: Evaluating Decisions due Thurs
Page: Lluna-Garces, Stephanie
ESP I Horario semana del 5-7 junio (posted 2 junio) HORARIO PARA EL EXAMEN FINAL: PER. 9: MIERCOLES, 7 JUNIO 7:40-9:10 AM PER. 2: JUEVES, 8 JUNIO 9:25-10:55 AM Check for assignments and class activities below. Previous week's assignments


Page: Moreau, Jeffrey
1st Marking Period: Ch 3 Summary due Thurs, 10-12 Ch 3 Quiz Fri 10-20 Vector Lab due Fri 10-13 Previous Assignments: Ch 1-2 Test Reaction Time Lab Avg Speed Lab Ch 2 Quiz Ch 2 Summary Ch 1 Review Questions Getting Straight Lab Chapter 1 Summary Paper To
Page: Morson, Kaitlyn
World Literature (Periods 1 & 2) Attachments along with particular assignments will be posted to Google Classroom While not posted under every day, Students are expected to be reading their novels for the independent reading project each night for homew
Page: Ms. Richey's AWL Wiki
Weekly Calendar Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 25 --Mindful Monday --Hero's Journey Jigsaw (continued) 26 --Watch Thor 27 --Vocab Unit 2 Chart Due --Watch Thor 28 --Watch Thor 29 --Vocab Unit 2 Quiz --Vocab Sentences Due October 2 --Watch Thor -
Page: Ms. Richey's HWL Wiki
Weekly Calendar Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday October 2 --Independent Reading Day (Bring books to class.) 3 --"Jinnee" Background Notes (use textbook with partner) --Read "Jinnee" Frame 1 (as a class) Homework: Read "Interrogating Texts" and an
Page: Ms. Richey's WL Wiki
Weekly Calendar Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 25 --Lit Analysis: I Do --Characterization Notes and Practice --Lit Analysis: We Do 26 --Lit Analysis: You Do 27 --Lit Analysis: You Do (continued) 28 --Lit Analysis: You Do Due --Hero's Journey J


Page: Nafe, Nicole
Periods 1, 4 MWF 10/16-10/20 Monday: Period 1:Rewards Lesson 5 Activities A, B, C, D, E, F Period 4: Dictation 5 Quiz today- Begin Rewards Lesson 6 Activities A, B, C, D, E, Wednesday: Period 1: Rewards Lesson 5 Activities F, G, H, I, J, K- Study for Rew
Page: Nelms, Kathleen
Advanced Art Week 8: 10/16-10/20 Self-Portraits Due 10/19 (Adv.Port.) Week 7: 10/9-10/13 Self-Portraits Week 6: 10/2-10/6 Self-Portraits Week 5: 9/25-9/29 Close-up Drawing Due 9/29 Week 4: 9/18-9/22 Still Life Drawing Due 9/20 Week: 3: 9/11-9/15 Stil
Page: Nelson, Mark
Mr. Nelson's Wiki Click here for Honors Geometry PlanBook Click here for Geometry PlanBook http://www.planbooked


Page: O'Connor, Amanda
AP Psychology Psychology Advanced World Studies I username: Password: Kennettpsych FRQ Writing: FRQ Writing.pptx Unit I: Notes: A History o
Page: O'Sullivan Joseph
ADVANCED World Studies II Periods 1/2/5 Week 10/16- 10/20 Monday: Map Tests/ Ch. 11 Outline distributed- DUE WEDNESDAY 10/25 Tuesday: focus on Amazon rain forest and urban geography (Theme of interaction) SWOT 3 case studies in 6 total teams: Case 1 Links
Page: Oberholtzer, Erica
Resource Kennett High School Mrs. Oberholtzer’s Resource Room Teacher: Mrs. Oberholtzer (Mrs. Obie) Email: Course Goals: Throughout this course, students will be able to develop, practice, and implemen
Page: Oleykowski, Joseph
Advanced Health Week of 1/23/17: HIV/AIDS Unit Watching Movie: Band Played ON * 2 1/2 Class Periods * Bring Pen/or Pencil * Time Line Work-Sheet Physical Education 3rd MP: * Bring appropriate workout clothes each week. Floor Hockey Unit ( 2 weeks


Page: Peters, Nicholas
Advanced Placement Comparative Government and Politics 1. Application and outline 2. Application and outline 3. Application and outline 4. Application and outline 5. Test Honors World Studies I Proto-feeminism: Review Prot
Page: Phillips, Ron
Link to Mr. Phillips' Wiki Space Chapter 3 - Derivatives HW 3.1 - Tue (10/17), HW 3.2 - Wed (10/18) 3.1 & 3.2 QUIZ - Thu (10/19) Mon — Notes 3.1, Notes 3.2 Tue — Notes 3.2, HW 3.1 Wed — Review, HW 3.2 Thu — 3.1 & 3.2 QUI
Page: Psychology Survey Project
Please take each survey ONCE. Keep track of which surveys you've taken. PERIOD 1: Will, Dameron, Anais


Page: Quarterly Calendar (2nd quarter archived)
American Literature (Archive 2nd quarter) Week of October 27, 2014 Monday- Crucible movie and questions Tuesday- Crucible movie and questions Wednesday- Crucible movie and questions Thursday- Crucible movie and questions Friday- Crucible writing promp


Page: Reigel, Kevin
Core Biology carbohydrate lab - friday cell lab diffusion osmosis lab Honors Biology ch. 3 Test - 10/18 Ch. 3 vocab Practice - collected day of test cell vocabulary AP BIOLOGY Ch. 4/5 Test - Wednesday 10/23 Lab #1 - 10/18 vocab sheet - 10/18 14 Q's =
Page: Replogle, Michael
Honors Earth and Space **Mr. Replogle's Wiki Home Core Earth and Space **Mr. Replogle's Wiki Home Cosmology ** History and Structure of the universe Mr. Replogle's Wiki Home
Page: Richey, Elizabeth
Honors World Literature See Ms. Richey's HWL Wiki for notes, assignments, and due dates. Advanced World Literature See Ms. Richey's AWL Wiki for notes, assignments, and due dates. World Literature See Ms. Richey's WL Wiki for notes, assignments, and du
Page: Riley, Keith
Click here to visit Mr. Riley's Wiki
Page: Romano, Anton
Marching Band Please check schedule on Jazz Band Spring Program How's the Weather -


Page: Schiavo, Brittany
welcome.jpg HelloWelcome_blog.png Period 4- Room 219 Period 5- Room 219 Period 8- Room 219 Period 9- Room 219 Date Agenda Monday October 16th, 2017 Check Grades Homework Test Prep Individual/ small group work Tuesday October 17th,
Page: Schmalzbach, Jennifer
Algebra & Trigonometry Please visit our schoology website @ and use the information below to login. user name: KCSD student ID password: 8 digit B-day Contact: email mailto:jsch
Page: Schultz, Ronald
ALGEBRA 1 BLOCK Link to Algebra 1 Block Planbook HONORS MATH ANALYSIS Link to Honors Math Analysis Planbook
Page: Seltzer, Elise
Week of 10/16: -Finish presentation / speech workshop / present speeches on Wed., Oct. 18th Week of 10/10: -Continue to work on country speech and presentation / speech workshop / Presentation-Week of October 16th Week of 10/2: -Introduce Informative Sp
Page: Shared links
Tip: share a link from anywhere by dragging this button → to your browser bookmarks toolbar. Once added to your toolbar, click it to share links with your team.
Page: Smith, Carolyn
Week of 10/16: The Presidency: Roles and Powers of the President: chief bureaucrat, head of state, foreign policy, commander in chief, legislative leader, economic leader, party leader, crisis manager. Describe the formal and informal powers of the presid
Page: Socash, Robert
Resources: See my Wiki Page Assignments and Daily Lesson: Course Calendar
Page: Soukup, Catherine
Week of Sept 25 Mon A day Chorale - Tues B day Concert Choir - Wed C day no choir Thurs A day Chorale Friday B day Concert Choir Please refer to Skyward online grading This will incl
Page: Stanshine, Lauren
Period 3 Room 259 October 30, 2017 to November 3, 2017 Assignments Monday, October 30 Tuesday, October 31 End of Marking Period 1 Wednesday, November 1 Marking Period 2 Thursday, November 2 Friday, November 3 October 23, 2017 to October 27, 201


Page: Tamargo, Alicia
Click here to visit Dr. Tamargo's Wiki
Page: Taylor, Hannah
Advanced Survey of Literature See Mrs. Taylor's class wiki for assignments and resources. Survey of Literature See Mrs. Taylor's class wiki
Page: Template
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Page: Tingley, Laura
Resource Room Period 7 & 9 Week of October 16th: Monday: Grades/Missing Assignments Tuesday: Individual Work Wednesday: Progress Monitoring Thursday: Individual Work Friday: "AREA" writing Week of October 9th: Monday: NO SCHOOL Tuesday: Individua



Page: Vanderslice, Frank
ISM FILM PRODUCTION FALL 2017 PERIOD SIX image2017-1-24 15:9:36.png image2017-1-24 15:10:13.png Pre Test on Camera shots WEEK OF AUGUST 28 PROJECT ONE: LEARNING HOW TO EDIT
Page: Virgin, Kelly
Click HERE for Ms. Virgin's Wiki Home Click HERE for Mrs. Carroll's Planbook Survey of Literature Block Adv. Survey of Literature Public Speaking
Page: Virgin, Robert
Online Textbook: Ch 4 Check back soon Ch 3 Ch 2 and 3 Test Monday 10/16 Pg 65 #18,20 Pg 69 #26,27 and Pg 74 #44,45 due Frid


Page: Wagner Wiki 2017 - 2018
1st Marking Period 10/16 - 10/20/17 Vocabulary Unit 13 Retakes Hero Project Continues Brainstorming Journal Two articles selected Time For Kids Autobiography/Biography Overview Upcoming: Vocabulary Unit 14, Hero Project Rap 10/10 - 10/13/17 Nonfiction Tes
Page: Waite, Michael
Mr. Waite's Econ wiki Access digital doc & notes (click on calendar for all deadlines) Please see the course calendar on my home wiki to view the unit schedule, deadlines and test dates. Calendar link is on the home page when you click the link above. E
Page: Wells, Ken
Psychology: 6/5: Final Projects 6/6: Final Projects 6/7: Final Projects FIN ch1 study guid.docx AP Psychology: Fidget Spinner Article: 6/5
Page: Williams, Jessica
Please refer to Schoology for assignments and announcements. Schoology can be accessed through KCSD Connect. <iframe src="
Page: Williamson, Mark
Español II (vocabulario) Español 1: Español 2: Temas de la semana 28/8-1/9: Introducción a la clase 5/9-8/9: Verbos regulares
Page: Wilson, Christine
Week of 10/16 M - Vocab Unit 4 due; 2nd draft of summer reading essay due; Epic conventions test explained; Odyssey mini essays assigned T - Odyssey mini essays discussion W - Diagramming Th - Vocab Unit 4 quiz F - Diagramming Week of 10/9 M - No
Page: WL Ancient Worlds
The Epic of Gilgamesh Packet Ancient Worlds Background Notes Ancient Worlds Packet Notes Gilgamesh Banned from Classes Article Fisherman and the Jinnee Packet The Fisherman and the Jinnee Background Notes
Page: WL Independent Reading
Marking Period 1 Reading Log
Page: WL Introductory Information
Course Syllabus Notes Course Syllabus (Fill-in-the-Blank)
Page: WL Summer Reading
Summer Reading Essay Notes Summer Reading Essay Self-Editing Checklist
Page: WL Vocabulary
Grammar Rules: Vocabulary





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