Need Individual Support?

Members of the KCSD Technology Department would like to meet with you individually or with your team for one, multiple or ongoing sessions, to provide additional support focusing on your topic(s) of interest.

You tell us when, where, what and how often and we'll be there!

Here's how;

1. Login to submit new work order (Web Help Desk)

 2. Select Trainingfor Request Type

3. Select specific topic of interest in secondary drop down

 4. Complete Request Details, (click on image below for specifics)

5. Click Save

Support Options

#1 - Work Orders

* Submit a Work Order using Web Help Desk

#2 - Phone

Extension 10000 or 610.444.2551. Hours are 7:00am to 4:30pm

#3 - Support Sessions (Submit via Work Order)

*See "Need Individual Support?" section to left

#4 -Microsoft Teams

Hop on Teams and chat with a member of the Tech Dept

Contact Dan Maguire at, or by phone, 610.444.4136, or schedule an appointment to stop by the Help Center located in the KHS Annex.

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