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Classroom Technology Inventory

*Download and print attached Classroom Technology Inventory Form (right click to download)

  1. Use a small box, plastic trash bag or the large ziplock bag and write room number as large as possible so it can be easily seen. (The Tech Department no longer provides bags).

  2. Place only the small items identified on inventory sheet inside bags

    1. Remove batteries from all remotes and Polyvision pens & place inside bag

  3. Complete and sign inventory sheet and place inside the bag. Seal/tie bag.

    1. *Download and print attached Classroom Technology Inventory Form (right click to download)

  4. Label larger items such as projectors and document cameras with the room number using masking tape.

  5. Transport bag & larger items to*Separate area for laptop carts

    1. Library (Elementary) 

    2. Library (KHS)

    3. 3rd Floor Planning Area (KMS) 

  6. Place bags inside boxes designated for your grade level/team. 

    1. Boxes will be delivered the week of inservices.


Transport laptop carts to the following locations in each building.

*DOES NOT pertain to devices in classroom charging cabinets*



Middle School

High School


2nd Floor Computer Lab (A/B/C 108)

*Do not move to Library

Room S307

*Do not move to Library


*Submit a work order for any issues/damages with any classroom technology including student computers.

*Students should NOT transport carts to designated areas. If you need assistance, contact the HelpDesk.

*Under no circumstances should any equipment, including carts or individual laptops, be removed from the designated areas

COPPA Compliance Initiative

Image result for coppa logo

Information related to the Child Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) is provided via the link below. This new federal law requires that websites notify parents and obtain parental consent when collecting personal information from children under the age of 13. Under the law, schools are permitted to provide consent to the collection of personal information on behalf of its students, eliminating the need for individual parent consent be given directly to the web site provider. For more information on COPPA, please visit;

Educational web-based tools and applications provide our teachers with resources to enhance, enrich and differentiate curriculum delivery and instruction to our students. Our district carefully reviews online resources for  the program's ability to meet our students’ needs while protecting the confidentiality of personally identifiable information.

Some web-based programs require some student data to create accounts. KCSD does not require nor encourage students to provide additional personal information beyond what is required to create student accounts. Each provider offers information about their organization's collection, use, protection, and disclosure of data through their unique privacy policies, which can be found on their websites.

  • For parents/guardians of children under the age of 13, you are required by COPPA to agree to the online consent form included within the KCSD Parent Portal in order for the District to allow your student to access online educational services for the upcoming school year.
  • For KCSD Staff, any programs not included on the KCSD Educational Services list must be pre-approved by a Building Administrator before acquiring parent consent to create accounts for children under the age of 13. 

Related Resources

Summer 2019 Collaborative Sessions

These flexible, participant-driven monthly sessions are a wonderful opportunity to learn more about integrating new programs and technology, enhance your skills with existing resources, and collaborate with experts & peers while earning Flex and/or Act 48 hours along the way.

Work independently or as a team and get a head start planning for next year!

Join us for an hour . . . half day . . . full day . . . or all 3 days!

Back by popular demand . . . 

During each of the 3 days over the summer, Will Illingworth, the Schoology Professional Development Specialist from the previous 2 years, will be once again joining us to facilitate the Schoology sessions for our staff.

  • As in years past, the Schoology Sessions are structured as opportunities for participants to apply the skills and knowledge acquired during the sessions to their Courses and Groups for the upcoming year in a collaborative and supportive environment. These flexible sessions provide opportunities for group discussion, team collaboration and independent course planning and development.

Skyward Family Access, Parent Portal and District Account Alignment

Goal: Increase parent communication, engagement and awareness of child’s academic performance while also simplifying process of reviewing, submitting & collecting informational materials sent home throughout the year, saving significant time and cost. District is also working to better align District accounts, most significantly to increase security as well as alleviate management and accessibility issues. 

Solution: Skyward Family Access (click to learn more)

Parent Awareness & Training 

  1. Summer communications and workshops (including Schoology overview & access) 
  2. Elementary August Sneak a Peek sessions & kiosks setup with support 
  3. Back to School sessions & back to school night sessions & kiosks setup with support

Need Individual Support?

Members of the KCSD Technology Department would like to meet with you individually or with your team for one, multiple or ongoing sessions, to provide additional support focusing on your topic(s) of interest.

You tell us when, where, what and how often and we'll be there!

Here's how;

  1. Login to submit new Work Order
  2. Select Training within Request Type Dropdown
  3. Identify Topic of interest within next dropdown menu
  4. In Request Detail:
    1. Identify what you would like to focus on during the training
    2. List days and times available for the training. *Be sure to list multiple times so we can coordinate.
  5. Click Save & Email

On the Horizon . . . 2018-19 KCSD Technology

Contact Us!

Information Systems Department

Email Phone 
Kevin Bridges

610-925-1567 ext.10008

Tom Ryan610-444-6606 ext.10010

*Visit the Programs & Services Wiki for a comprehensive list

Technology Department

Dan Maguire610-444-4136 ext. 10001
Mark Fisher484-734-1679 ext. 10005
Ken Altizer610-444-2551 ext. 10014
Mike Donovan610-444-2551 ext. 10013
Steve Rinehart610-444-2551 ext. 10006
Brad Shomo610-444-2551 ext. 10011
Bob Wilson 610-444-2551 ext. 10004

*Visit the Programs & Services Wiki for a comprehensive list

Vision of Connected Teaching and Learning


*Click image to enlarge

Contact Us

More more information please contact:

Dan Maguire, Supervisor of Technology Services or 610.444.4136

Technology Integration Support Enhancements

Building Technology Integration Specialists (Y2) - Maintain teachers identified by administrators as being leaders within the building to support staff in the effective integration of technology to improve student achievement. Support at the building level comes in the form of training sessions, individual/team meetings, resource communication, faculty meetings, etc., focusing specifically on meeting the needs identified by the staff. The schedule for sessions and dedicated support is established in collaboration with building administrators and staff, with the goal to be as flexible and accommodating as possible, providing (3-4) hours of additional support each month. The Building TIS's have been critical in supporting staff throughout the year and their time, continued dedication and efforts are greatly appreciated! 

BuildingTech Integration Specialists
KHSTammy Gentekos, Jennifer Schmalzbach & Chanel August
KMS Erica Pye & Nev Lynch
BancroftDeb Giles & Kelly Pin
GreenwoodKelly Figueroa & Brian Rafferty
Mary D. LangMarie Lawson & Natalie Vanhoorebeke
New GardenErika Smith & Sam Hamill

Monthly-Bi-Monthly Building Needs Assessments - Survey administered at the building level to determine the specific areas of support/training needed by staff each month.

Building Collaborative Sessions - Timely training sessions facilitated by Building TIS's to support staff in meeting building/team integration goals, focusing on transitioning from utilization to strategic integration.

On-Demand Support and Training - Members of the KCSD Tech Department encourage staff to meet individually or with their team for one, multiple, or ongoing sessions, to provide additional support focusing on specific topic(s) of interest. See "Need Individual Support?" above

Room 21 Collaborative Area - Room 21 in the KHS Annex, (lower floor of Tech Offices), has been transformed into a state of the art collaborative area with new furniture, new technology & a new purpose. The room is open for teachers and staff to work individually or collaborate as a group along with support provided by members of the Technology Department.

KCSD Technology Support Schoology Group- Access to updates, timely resources, and program references, as well as a collaborative, supportive & secure forum for posting questions, issues, etc related to technology integration in our District.

Summer, Monthly Collaborative Sessions (Y4) - Flexible, full and half day sessions based upon results of District-wide needs assessment and open to all staff, K-12. Sessions are facilitated by Teachers, Technology and Information Systems Dept members, Curriculum Supervisors, vendors, trainers, etc. (More info listed above)


New Support Initiatives for 2019-20

District Leadership Sessions - Professional development and training for building and district administrators in early August, focusing on the technology as it applies to building goals, programs and technology available within the buildings.

School Year Tech Prep Sessions - Set aside 3 days in August to allow teachers and staff to schedule time with members of the Technology and Information Systems Departments to help get connected, prepared, and comfortable for the upcoming school year. With the limited availability during inservice days, teachers and staff have expressed interest in getting more support so they can be prepared for “Day One” as it relates to instructional programs and classroom technology.

“Kickoff Support” (Last Week of August & First Week of September) - 2-3 members of the Technology Department will be dedicated to a building throughout the day, beginning one hour prior to the start of school until one hour after dismissal, providing an opportunity for teachers and staff to schedule time to meet to receive training, support with utilizing classroom technology, address any issues with teacher/student/classroom hardware and/or simply ask questions related to technology integration.

There will be a dedicated, online calendar for staff to schedule an appointment during the designated days for each building. During this time, the online work order system will not be accessible as the expectation is to schedule an appointment with the Technology Department while in the building. 

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