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Staff Laptop Exploration & Discussion Sessions


Announcing Enhanced Technology Support!
NEW for 2018! Building Technology Integration Specialists

The individuals listed below have been identified to support staff in the effective integration of technology at the building level. Support will be in the form of training sessions, individual/team meetings, resource communication, faculty meetings, etc., focusing on the needs identified by the staff. The schedule for sessions and dedicated support will be established in collaboration with the Building Administrators and staff, with the goal to be as flexible and accommodating as possible, providing (3-4) hours of additional support every month.

2018-19 Building Tech Integration Specialists

BuildingTech Integration Specialists
KHSTammy Gentekos, Jenn Schmalzbach & Chanel August
KMS Erica Pye & Nev Lynch
BancroftDeb Giles & Kelly Pin
GreenwoodKelly Figueroa & Brian Rafferty
Mary D. LangMarie Lawson & Natalie Vanhoorebeke
New GardenErika Smith & Sam Hamill

In addition to the Building Technology Integration Specialists . . .

  1. Monthly, Building Needs Assessment
    • Survey administered at the building level to determine the specific areas of support needed each month.

  2. Monthly, Building Collaborative Sessions
    • Timely training sessions facilitated by members of the team listed below, to support staff in meeting building/team integration goals
    • Sessions facilitated by Curriculum Supervisors and members of the Information Systems and Technology Departments 

  3. On-Demand Support and Training
    • Members of the KCSD Tech Department encourage staff to meet individually or with their team for one, multiple, or ongoing sessions, to provide additional support focusing on specific topic(s) of interest. Teachers & staff should select “Training” from the list of categories in Web Help Desk (Work order system) 

  4. Room 21 Collaborative Area
    • Room 21 in the KHS Annex, (lower floor of Tech Offices), has been transformed into a state of the art collaborative area with new furniture, new technology & new purpose. The room will be open for teachers and staff to work individually or collaborate as a group along with support provided by members of the Technology Department. Room 21 is equipped with the same technology you'll find in our District classrooms including document camera, interactive boards and models of both student and staff laptops as well as some new technologies available testing for possible piloting/integration in the future.
    • Schedule and signup for Room 21 to follow.

  5. KCSD Technology Support Schoology Group - Access Code57499-BKF3W
    • Access to updates, timely resources, program references as well as a collaborative, supportive & secure forum for posting questions, issues, etc related to technology integration in our District 
Need Individual Support?

Members of the KCSD Technology Department would like to meet with you individually or with your team for one, multiple or ongoing sessions, to provide additional support focusing on your topic(s) of interest.

You tell us when, where, what and and we'll be there!

Here's how;

  1. Login to submit new Work Order
  2. Select Training within Request Type Dropdown
  3. Identify Topic of interest within next dropdown menu
  4. In Request Detail:
    1. Identify what you would like to focus on during the training
    2. List days and times available for the training. *Be sure to list multiple times so we can coordinate.
  5. Click Save & Email

NEW for 2018! Schoology Professional Development hours have been secured and sessions will be scheduled throughout the year with a Schoology Trainer, both in person and via webinar, focusing on meeting the needs identified at each level focusing on the effective integration of Schoology.


SMART Notebook UPDATE & Transition Session (Impacts ALL STAFF)

Sessions offered to update SMART Notebook software and get support in transitioning Notebook files & Flash content.

Notebook software must be updated on staff laptops as the current version is no longer supported.

Flash content in Notebook files will not function in new version and may cause software to crash.

Sessions will be scheduled at each building as needed so please let us know if you're interested in training.



On the Horizon . . . 2018-19 KCSD Technology



Contact Us!

Information Systems Department

Email Phone 
Kevin Bridges

610-925-1567 ext.10008

Tom Ryan610-444-6606 ext.10010

*Visit the Programs & Services Wiki for a comprehensive list


Technology Department

Dan Maguire610-444-4136 ext. 10001
Mark Fisher484-734-1679 ext. 10005
Ken Altizer610-444-2551 ext. 10014
Mike Donovan610-444-2551 ext. 10013
Steve Rinehart610-444-2551 ext. 10006
Brad Shomo610-444-2551 ext. 10011
Bob Wilson 610-444-2551 ext. 10004

*Visit the Programs & Services Wiki for a comprehensive list







Google Password Manager - Student & Staff Password Management

  • For the past year or so our District has been exploring password management solutions for online programs for our students. Our goal is to develop a true Single-Sign-On solution, (SSO), that will save student logins for all instructional programs, regardless of device or operating system, accessible 24/7.

  • Our vision is that students, as well as staff, will login into Chrome, then be connected to all websites without having to login to the individual programs after the initial sync, ultimately saving significant time both in school and at home when accessing instructional programs.

  • Chrome Browser Password Manager saves significant time by managing all your login information for commonly utilized programs. Imagine getting hours, if not days back due to being able to access programs almost immediately. Initially users will login to the programs as usual, however once activated, they will be prompted to save their password, which will be saved in their Google Chrome account that can be accessed on any device Chrome is available.

  • As we continue to expand integration over the summer and into the 2018-19 school year, we'll be maintaining communication with the Kennett Community, including parents, staff and students, to assure we're all on the same page as the password management solution will be accessible at home as well.

The steps for students and staff participating in the pilot are posted via screenshots on the wiki below;

Chrome Browser Password Manager - Logging into Google Chrome

Stay Kennett ConnectED

Visit to stay "Kennett ConnectED"

Vision of Connected Teaching and Learning

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Contact Us

More more information please contact:

Dan Maguire, Supervisor of Technology Services or 610.444.4136



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