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Revised Technology Requisition Application; Embracing Best Practice and Encouraging Collaboration & Exploration

The KCSD Technology Requisition Application was originally implemented in 2014 as a means to clearly define a plan for integration for software and hardware, providing teachers with an opportunity to reflect upon the impact of technology on student achievement, based primarily upon Danielson’s Framework for Teaching. The focus moving forward will continue to be on instruction and student achievement, however the components of the Application have been consolidated, encouraging more collaboration, research and exploration throughout the process, focusing on enhancing student learning activities, building upon proven instructional strategies & resources. Feedback from some staff and administration indicated that the previous process had become somewhat cumbersome and time consuming, while the revised Application supports a more collaborative and investigative process through researching new programs and resources, exploring new devices and programs to “see what’s out there,” then evaluating the impact on student achievement. 


Teams with devices approaching end-of-life are reminded about the Technology Application throughout the year. Included as part of the reminder, is the recommendation to identify effective programs, software & websites currently being utilized; (with data to substantiate), then dedicating time to research additional programs, websites, devices, etc., worth considering both short and long term. Teams are also strongly encouraged to schedule opportunities to meet with Dan and members of the Technology Department to provide support and guidance throughout the process. 

All teachers within a course, subject area or grade level, (district-wide), will continue to collectively submit the Application, ensuring consistency, specifying how the proposed resources will impact instruction and student achievement. The criteria included within the completed Application then becomes the expectation for integration moving forward, focusing especially on monitoring student progress & enhancing the the learning experience, ultimately leading to increased student achievement. One of the main goals of the process is to not only ensure that the new devices accommodate what the students are currently accomplishing, but also what we envision the students will need to achieve in the future. 


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Maximizing Google

Too good not to share! 

Google recently released updates to features within GSuite that are just too good not to share.  If you'd like to learn more about the features listed below, or any other tech topic, submit a work order and select "Training" and let us know when you're available. For a complete list of GSuite updates, check out GSuite Updates blog


 Smarter sharing of files with updated Google Drive Access checker  When you send an email, calendar invite, or other communication that includes a Drive file, Access checker automatically looks to see if the people you’re sending the message to have permissions to view the file. If they don’t, Access checker asks if you want to change the permissions before you share the file.

Google Chrome Password Manager - Available for students & staff! 

  • Eliminates the need to remember and manage various logins & passwords, and saves all your Bookmarks! 
  • Accessible on any device Chrome is installed, simply login and all your Bookmarks & logins are saved! 
  • Reinforces the process of using District login to access computers and instructional programs, at home and in school.
  •  Maintain compliance and reinforces safe and secure practices as stated in the AUP.
  • Recapture hours throughout the year! Contact the Tech Dept and we'd be happy to work with you and your students.

GSuite Activity Pane - Available for students & staff! 

  • Monitor all activity, check to see who made recent edits & manage who can see and/or edit files in Google Drive.
  • Great feature for teachers to track student activity on Google assignments, especially for group activities. 
  • Allows for teachers and students to easily manage shared and restricted files, as well as identify suspicious activity. 

Security Alerts - Activated for students & staff! Contact the Tech Dept if you receive a Security Alert email from Google, (see below). Also, check your "Recently used devices" page.




Google Password Manager - Student & Staff Password Management

  • For the past year or so our District has been exploring password management solutions for online programs for our students. Our goal is to develop a true Single-Sign-On solution, (SSO), that will save student logins for all instructional programs, regardless of device or operating system, accessible 24/7.

  • Our vision is that students, as well as staff, will login into Chrome, then be connected to all websites without having to login to the individual programs after the initial sync, ultimately saving significant time both in school and at home when accessing instructional programs.

  • After testing successfully over the past few weeks using Chrome Browser Password Manager with student guest accounts, we're moving forward with piloting the solution with both students and staff at all levels. Initially users will login to the programs as usual, however once activated, they will be prompted to save their password, which will be saved in their Google Chrome account that can be accessed on any device Chrome is available.

  • Once the pilot is complete and we've acquired feedback from teachers and students, we'll plan to expand accordingly or move in another direction for password management. Throughout the process we'll be maintaining communication with the Kennett Community, including parents, staff and students to assure we're all on the same page as the password management solution will be accessible at home as well.

The steps for students and staff participating in the pilot are posted via screenshots on the wiki below;

Chrome Browser Password Manager - Logging into Google Chrome

What's Going on with KCSD Technology? Stay KennectED!

Released in September 2016, our "Kennection" website is a glimpse into the world of technology in our District, providing timely information and resources as well as a look into the inner workings of the KCSD Technology Department. Our intention is to provide a streamlined update of important information, along with stories & photos, sprinkled with some humor, focusing on technology and the Kennett Community. "Kennection" will be updated frequently so remember to check-in often to stay up to date on the latest news & resources surrounding KCSD Technology.






KCSD Schoology Implementation Update

The KMS and KHS Personalized Learning Teams, (PLT's), dedicated most of January through April 2017 to exploring both the Canvas and Schoology Learning Management Systems, and based upon the feedback from those who responded, Schoology emerged as the clear choice. Most of the top priorities identified by the group were related to Skyward, Google Apps and curriculum integration, as well as creating a "one-stop shop" for teachers, parents and students.

We've secured Schoology licenses and support for the 2017-18 school year for all KMS and KHS staff and students, and have since expanded to include several elementary teachers and students, which was not anticipated before the 2018-19 school year. Over the summer the District conducted monthly, collaborative sessions to help get teachers started with planning and organizing Schoology courses for the upcoming school year. The July session was facilitated by a Schoology trainer and was attended by over 20 teachers, all of which indicated the session was invaluable in getting familiar with the tools and features of the LMS, as well as ideas for implementation.

KHS Online Latin Course, Student Feedback

  • Students indicated they would benefit greatly in getting a head-start over the summer on some of the more challenging courses starting in the fall such as Physics, Math, etc.

    • 6 out of 9 students indicated they would take a summer course

  • All students who responded indicated the benefits surrounding the possibility of completing the course ahead of time to: a) take an elective, b) focus on other courses, especially those taking AP / Honors

  • Students indicated that Math & some Science courses would be challenging to offer online due to needing the consistent teacher support in-person.

Next Steps:

  • Survey students to gauge interest for Summer Prep courses and possible online courses for 2018-19

    • Continue to obtain student feedback regarding current online Latin Course

  • Explore possibilities for Summer 2018 Prep Courses for students & expand offerings as needed

  • Maintain communication with Kennett Community including parents, staff and students










Stay Kennett ConnectED

Visit to stay "Kennett ConnectED"



Kennett Expands Accessibility for our Students

  • Student Loaner Laptop program has expanded to include close to 250 devices for students, (see right)
  • Expanded STEM Student Loaner Laptop Program to include KMS by the beginning of 2017-18 school year.
  • Continue to expand BYOT, (Bring Your Own Technology) Initiative.
  • Explore expanding the District Technology Application program to families to apply for a District provided devices.
  • See aggressive pricing with Technology Resellers for refurbished devices for Kennett families, (see below).
  • Assure 100% of instructional student programs available online, (See Student Resources wiki)
  • Implement a Password Management solution for all programs so students have only one login (see below)
  • Explore programs offered by local providers such as Comcast's Internet Essentials to provide affordable internet access at home for families. Check out Internet Essentials

*Click image to enlarge



  • Implement Kajeet Mifi Hotspot initiative with (30) devices, 1st-12th
  • Currently (10) Hotspot devices allocated to KMS and KHS and at least (3) devices each to BE, GW & NG.
  • Most likely securing more devices before the end of the year, but wanted to assure effective implementation.
  • Student utilization is monitored via a web portal to track utilization as well as student progression.
  • Devices managed similarly to the Loaner Laptops where they are barcoded and managed like a book.
  • Please see Student and Parent Guide and visit Kajeet SmartSpot website for more information. 




Student Loaner Laptop Program

During the 2014-15 school year, KCSD piloted a student loaner laptop program with the goal of providing home use of a laptop computer to students who need a device for use at home. What began in the first building wide program 2 years ago at Greenwood involving about 24 laptops, has expanded to close to 250 laptops this year. And the program is growing every year! This also includes the STEM laptop loaner program at the high school and middle school.

Goals & Overview of Loaner Laptop Program

  • Provide students with access outside of school

  • Prepare parents to support students at home, (See School Success)

  • Encourage students to meet their individual goals

  • Build awareness & relationships









Vision of Connected Teaching and Learning

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KCSD Vision & Strategies for Achieving Goals

KCSD has established a vision and implemented strategies for achieving our goals consistent with that vision, focusing on instruction and student learning.

  • Initiatives such as ConnectED and Future Ready, supported by the FCC's restructuring of eRate, and current state and federal legislation, including the potential resurgence of EETT funding. clearly reinforces the direction our District is heading.

  • Our vision of Connected Teaching & Learning introduced in 2007-08, (pictured below), reinforced by the release of the National Education Technology Plan in 2010, updated most recently in January 2017, focusing on the criteria below.

  • Accomplish our Achievement and Instructional Goals refined each year at both the District and instructional levels to best meet our students' needs.
  • Fulfilling the demands for proven resources as budget limitations become increasingly significant. 
  • Changing the perception that technology and instruction are separate.  
  • Continuously identifying strategies for maximizing existing resources while investigating & implementing initiatives involving emerging technologies. 
  • Providing ongoing opportunities for authentic professional development and collaboration for all teachers, district-wide. 
  • Supporting all teachers & staff, in an ever-changing technology landscape throughout the Kennett Community, while sustaining existing staff & resources available to the Technology Department. 
  • Maintaining communication within each building and throughout the Kennett Community.
  • Maintaining our vision and working towards our goals despite challenges. Instructional needs drive resources acquired. Students First, Technology Second

Strategies to Achieve our Goals

  • Access to Resources to Attain Instructional Goals
  • Clear, Strategic Expectations for Integration
  • Consistent, Authentic Professional Development & Opportunities for Collaboration
  • Consistent & Reliable Technical Support
  • Communication & Community Outreach






Vision of Connected Teaching and Learning











Contact Us

More more information about any of the initiatives listed or any other technology related questions, please contact:

Dan Maguire, Supervisor of Technology Services or 610.444.4136



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