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Expanding Access for Kennett Students & Families

Lenovo ThinkPad T430s Laptop

Available to Kennett Consolidated School District Students and Community Members, only $150 

*Available in July. Only 200 laptops available for purchase.

Introduction the Tech Kennection

Released in September 2016, our "Kennection" website is a glimpse into the world of technology in our District, providing timely information and resources, as well as a look into the inner workings of the KCSD Technology Department. Our intention is to provide a streamlined update of important information, along with stories & photos, sprinkled with some humor, focusing on technology and the Kennett Community. "Kennection" will be updated frequently so remember to check-in often to stay up to date on the latest news & resources surrounding KCSD Technology.

Access for Students


  • Continue to expand Student Loaner Laptop Program at all buildings, grades 1st-12th.
  • Expand STEM Student Loaner Laptop Program to include KMS by the beginning of 2017-18 school year.
  • Continue to expand BYOT, (Bring Your Own Technology) Initiative.
  • See aggressive pricing with Technology Resellers for refurbished devices for Kennett families.
  • Assure 100% of instructional student programs available online, (See Student Resources wiki)
  • Implement a Single Sign-on solution for all programs so students have only one login for all programs.
  • Initiate Mifi Hotspot pilot at KMS to provide students with safe, high speed internet access outside of the District, (to begin June 2017).  See Kajeet Smartspot for more information.




Student Loaner Laptop Program

A few years ago, we initiated a student loaner laptop program with the goal of providing home use of a laptop computer to students who need a device for use at home. What began as a trial program 2 years ago at Greenwood involving about 24 laptops has expanded to over 300 laptops this year. And the program is growing every year! This also includes the STEM laptop loaner program at the high school, which will expand into the middle school STEM program for the 2017-18 school year. The loaner program has been recognized in the article “Digital Equity:’A Moral Imperative’:Part 3” by Tara Smith .

Goals & Overview of Loaner Laptop Program

  • Provide students with access outside of school

  • Prepare parents to support students at home

  • Encourage students to continuously achieve

  • Build awareness & relationships




Vision of Connected Teaching and Learning

*Click image to enlarge



Vision of Connected Teaching and Learning










Laptop Lending Program Piloted At Greenwood Elementary School


KCSD Vision & Strategies for Achieving Goals

KCSD has established a vision and implemented strategies for achieving our goals consistent with that vision, focusing on instruction and student learning.

  • Initiatives such as ConnectED and Future Ready, supported by the FCC's restructuring of eRate, and current state and federal legislation, including the potential resurgence of EETT funding. clearly reinforces the direction our District is heading.
  • Our vision of Connected Teaching & Learning introduced in 2007-08, (pictured below), reinforced by the release of the National Education Technology Plan in 2010, updated most recently in January 2017, focusing on the criteria below.


  • Accomplish our Achievement and Instructional Goals refined each year at both the District and instructional level to best meet our students' needs.
  • Fulfilling the demands for proven resources as budget limitations become increasingly significant. 
  • Changing the perception that technology and instruction are separate.  
  • Continuously identifying strategies for maximizing existing resources while investigating & implementing initiatives involving emerging technologies. 
  • Providing ongoing opportunities for authentic professional development and collaboration for all teachers, district-wide. 
  • Supporting all teachers & staff, in an ever-changing technology landscape throughout the Kennett Community, while sustaining existing staff & resources available to the Technology Department. 
  • Maintaining communication within each building and throughout the Kennett Community.
  • Maintaining our vision and working towards our goals despite challenges. Instructional needs drive resources acquired. Students First, Technology Second

Strategies to Achieve our Goals

  • Access to Resources to Attain Instructional Goals
  • Clear, Strategic Expectations for Integration
  • Consistent, Authentic Professional Development & Opportunities for Collaboration
  • Consistent & Reliable Technical Support
  • Communication & Community Outreach
Virtual Field Trip Provides Unique Experience






Contact Us

More more information about any of the initiatives listed or any other technology related questions, please contact:

Dan Maguire, Supervisor of Technology Services or 610.444.4136



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