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titlePreparing Your Acer for the Transition
  •  Carefully read the information below, focusing especially on what files will be transitioned. Photos, music & videos will not be transferred. 
  • Take some time to review the files currently on your Acer and delete any unnecessary files before backing up. Organize files on your Desktop into folders and transition into Documents

  • The District has not backed up files and is not responsible for backing up files, we're only providing a recommendation to ensure files saved in Documents and Desktop on the Acer are accessible on the new Dell laptops following the transition.

  • Files will not be transitioned directly to from the Acer to the new Dells, but stored in Google Drive and downloaded as needed.

  • Confirm that you have Google Backup and Sync installed and running on your current Acer laptop. Follow the steps for Google Backup and Sync below to install & configure

    • Building Tech Integration Specialists will be conducting sessions to support installing and running Google Backup and Sync

    • Google Backup and Sync MUST BE INSTALLED and the sync complete or your laptop cannot be transitioned

titleTransition Session Checklist
  • Google Backup and Sync MUST BE INSTALLED and the sync complete or your laptop cannot be transitioned

  • Bring your

    Polyvision pen and USB dongle if you have a Polyvision board 

    Bring your fully charged laptop and charger to the Transition Session.

  • Google Backup and Sync will also be installed on the new Dells in order to alleviate ever having the difficult conversation with a teacher who lost their files because they did not backup their hard drive, as Google Backup occurs in the background automatically.

titleGoogle Backup and Sync



Follow these steps after installation . . .


Q: Are teachers & staff getting new laptops next year? If so, when? How?

A: The Technology Department will work with the staff at each building to schedule a time to meet with each grade level/department/team to review the basics of the new laptop, steps to accessing and managing Google files & working with each teacher within their classroom to connect to peripherals such as a projector and document camera, to ensure everything is functioning as expected. Prior to the scheduled transition meetings, Building Tech Integration Specialists will be provided with the new laptops in order to conduct training sessions in preparation, focusing primarily on desktop organization and installing, configuring and managing Google Backup and Sync. 

The teachers at MDLKC transitioned during the first few weeks of September which will be followed by grade level teams at Bancroft in late October, then a few departments at KHS, followed by teams at the remaining buildings. The goal is to complete the transition of all staff, including the administrative team, by July-August 2019. Due to the unique software related to STEM courses & KHS Digital Arts & Video Production, we'll be working with these teachers separately to determine the best solution. 


Q: What type of device will it be?

A: Based upon the results of testing devices within the Technology Department as well as feedback from teachers who explored each device, the overwhelming front runner was the Dell Latitude 3490, with an i3 processor, 8GB memory & 128GB SATA SSD. In addition to the noticeably fast performance, other feedback received highlighted the manageable size, as well as the durability and smooth transition in use from the Acer to the Dell, including the ease in connecting and recognizing classroom peripherals. 

We also tested and explored the Dell Chromebook 13 3380, as well as another version of the Dell Latitude 3490, with 500GB storage. Basically, the Latitude 3490 with a 128 SSD provides the smoothest transition from our existing Acer laptops with significantly faster speed, especially with the majority of our programs being online. A lot of concern seemed to focus on staff readiness, time and support needed if the decision to transition to Chromebooks was made for teachers, so this greatly influenced the decision to maintain a Windows device moving forward. 


Q: What's the process for deciding which device? Who's involved?

A: First we provided our Dell team with our needs, timeline and price range, then we secured multiple versions of potential devices, tested within the Technology Department, then coordinated a month long exploration period for teachers at MDL to dedicate time to explore all possible solutions within their classroom to provide feedback. Next we opened the discussion and offer to explore the devices during the Staff Laptop Exploration Sessions in May, as well as during the June 26th Collaborative Session. Lastly, anyone interested in exploring  the devices being considered and/or providing feedback in person or via email, was invited to do so. All the devices were setup and ready for use in Room 21 throughout the summer and we welcomed and appreciated any and all feedback. 


Q: Will the new laptop work with my projector/interactive board/doc camera?

A: Upon testing within our Department as well as the feedback from those who evaluated the device, the Dell 3490 Latitude connected to all peripherals within the classroom without issue. As we transitioned teachers at MDLKC, connectivity and transitioning from the Acer to the Dell continues to be incredibly smooth, with some rare instances when settings needed to be modified for audio and/or displays. 


Q: Will the new devices have a touchscreen? Number pad? CD/DVD Drive?

A: No, No and No. We've concluded, based upon the feedback, that none of these features/functions are essential for all teachers, but there are in fact needs in some specific areas that find them beneficial. As a result, we will work with Building Administrators and teams to accommodate where these functions are essential. 


Q: What operating system will the new devices have?

A: Windows 10. We're currently testing existing software to ensure a smooth transition and we'll work with staff who have unique software related to their curriculum to test compatibility and prepare for the upgrade to Windows 10. 


Q: Will all of my files, photos, music & videos be transitioned to the new laptop? 

A: No, our plan is to transfer only files stored in Desktop and Documents to the new laptops, for multiple reasons. The new laptops have significantly less storage than our current Acers, as our focus continues to shift more to online programs as well as the need for faster performance versus more storage. Staff continue to embrace the expectation that they are responsible for backing up their files and have transitioned to viable alternatives for storage and backup, especially for personal files including music, videos and photos. 

*Prior to the transition, we're contacting staff, including offers for support, strongly recommending everyone take the time to review existing files and purge those no longer needed, as well as requiring Google Backup & Sync be installed prior to transitioning. 


Q: What does the District plan to do with the Acers?

A: At this point it has yet to be determined, however we're considering the possibility of expanding the Substitute Laptop initiative which we're piloting in the Fall, as well as maintaining several devices as spares moving forward. The Acers will not be resold to staff, nor will they be used to support the Student Loaner Laptop program due to their size and lack of available replacement parts.